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laptopLaptop Batteries, Chargers, Adapters
The Xtend brand universal, external power bank battery is the ultimate in portable power pack technology.  I found as a temporary battery i can use a 12 volt and a 6 volt battery wired in series to make 18 volts and then solder it onto my laptops old broken charger cable works great i just had the idea the other day and to charge them i just use a lead acid battery charger i can charge them while it is plugged into the laptop the laptop doesnt care still keeps running and will work for most laptops as 18 volts is pretty standard.The positive and negative terminals are usually placed on the outside; no norm exists on the arrangement of the other contacts. I drained my battery totaly till my laptop closed in itself , i started the charging but the charger was ” cold ” a long time , after one hour the charger wasn`t ”warm”…not at all (so it couldn`t charging it ) , the battery lamp (in front of laptop) is still red (not white) , so my battery is total ”dead” (now it`s 0% or 3%) and if i unpluge my laptop turns off immediately, ie i must have it plugged in always.This information is for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 based laptops.  Once a laptop battery pack is conditioned, you may still need to run it all the way down once a month for best performance, especially if you normally work with the laptop plugged in. It`s important to read the owners manual section on battery life, because different models ship with different battery technologies, and the best practices to extend the battery life may not be the same.J ust because the battery won`t charge doesn`t mean that the battery is dead, or that a new battery will charge in the same laptop.  When before it held a charge for 4-5 hours, now it may only last a couple hours or less, and eventually it will only run for a matter of minutes before you need to plug it in. This is a completely natural process in battery life, and it simply means that it`s time to search Spare Parts Warehouse to buy a Sony laptop battery or to buy a Toshiba laptop battery.The printable eBook version of The Laptop Repair Workbook is now available for download anywhere in the world. A rule of thumb is those you buy as individual batteries are protected, however those you pull out of computer battery packs tend to be unprotected as the protection circuity is part of the pack electronics, and the cells don`t simply burn, they ARE explosive if shorted out, without the protective circuitry, they are best suited for replacing bad cells in packs, or for powering led based flashlights.
Paweł Chodaczek
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As far as I know, the Sandy Bridge generation is the first, where the embedded controller has been changed to a different model (at least that`s what I deduct by the fact that from these models on, you`ll need to load the tpacpi-bat module, instead of the old tp_smapi module in order for the battery related stuff to work in Linux (and some still doesn`t work, hasn`t been figured out yet).Also, replacing the individual cells is always possible, even with the new embedded controler, however in order to do this, you`ll have to open the battery casing, which is normally clipped and glue-welded shut, so you`ll need a fine saw or a dremel or something like that, and hope never to cut too deep so you don`t hurt one of the cells, which in that case would start releasing pretty toxic smoke, become hot and possibly catch the whole pack on fire.If you set the battery`s critical level action to sleep and set the critical level percentage at 5%, the battery will make the computer go to sleep when the battery is supposed to be at 5%. The entire point of calibration is to find out how much more/less juice the battery actually contains compared to what it`s telling the computer, so you have accurate readings.That`s all well and good, you`re probably thinking, but after monitoring your battery life, if you`re still having poor running times and your laptop battery looks healthy, there are some things you can do to maximize your battery life: switch to a power saver or balanced power plan, decrease the screen brightness, keep your laptop cool , and use hibernate mode.If you frequently drain a lithium-ion battery, and then recharge it, it can quickly lose its ability to hold a charge, which affects the accuracy of the battery meter … Lithium-ion batteries last longer if you charge them often, a little at a time, to maintain a minimum charge of about 40 percent capacity,” said a Microsoft spokesperson in an email interview.